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5 Simple Ways To Be Trusted by Prospective Clients

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing well..

In this article, I want to share 5 simple ways to be trusted by your prospective clients or buyers.

Why trust is important? because I see a lot of sellers or freelancers who have difficulty in getting buyers or clients.

Like it or not, if you want to sell, then you need trust from your prospective buyers. Because, no matter how cheap your products are, without trust there will be no transactions.

You don’t want to spend your money to the people that you don’t trust, don’t you?

Interestingly, if the prospective buyers trust you, they won’t care about the price. No matter how expensive the product, as long as you are trustworthy, they will buy your products. (As long as your product is beneficial to them.)

So, how to make prospective buyers trust you?

The first way is consistent benefit

Before selling, make sure you always benefit your prospective clients/buyers. you can provide free e-books, tutorials or anything useful that solve their problems. And do this continuously.

Because some prospective buyers will put their trust after you help them many times.

The second way is interaction.

Prospective buyers are your potential friends. How you treat others ultimately tells all. Many sellers consider buyers only as “Bags of Money”. I hope it’s not you.

And if you do, you have to change your point of view. You need to treat your buyers like your friends.

The key is INTERACTION. Even though you have given something useful, if you never interact with them, they will not put their trust on you.

Interact with prospective buyers. Greet them, call them, praise them, chat with them. Because the more frequent interactions between you and your prospective buyers, the closer you are to the transaction.

Principally, know them first, make friends with them, then sell to them. If you get the transaction, it’s good for you. But, if you don’t get the transaction, you will get acquainted with your prospective buyers which is also good for you. Because they may refer your product to his/her friends.

The third way to get trust is pacing

In this context, pacing means to equalize. The point is all actions that make prospective buyers feel comfortable with you, then believe in you.

In online business, show that you understand their problems, show your empathy, tell stories, ask questions, look for your similarities with your prospective buyers.

The 4th way is Evidence

Yup, don’t only give a promise, but give evidence (just like in the election :D)

People will put trust on you if you have tetstimonials for the products you sell. Show its screen shots.

What if you don’t have testimonials? Then use other evidence. Like users of your product.

Remember to be specific. Don’t only write “this product has been used by thousands.” but write

“This product has been used by 2371 people.”

The more users, the more trust you will get.

But, what if there are only few users?
If your product only used by few user, use other evidence. Show product details and use HD images. If the product is a digital product, give them a review.

How about if you sell a Pre Order product?
If the product is pre order, give your prospective buyers a guarantee. Something that you can provide. The point is to make prospective buyers trust you and your product.

The last way to get Trust is Personal Power.

Or people often call it authority.

People will immediately make transactions with people who are considered as an expert or considered to have authority or power.

If you get sick, you will go to the doctor because you know that doctor has power and authority to help you.

That is why, if a product is promoted by someone who has power and authority or celebrities on social media, usually it will be in demand.

This is because prospective buyers have already put trust on them.
So, in order to make people trust you, at least you have to look like an expert.

For example:
If you are selling a health product, then at least you should know health tips, and share them.

Learn the product details, and talk only something you know. You have to master the product knowledge.

Hopefully you find this useful.

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