Sample essay of struggle for ppower

Politics A Struggle for Power

Politics is all about struggle for power. This statement can be found at Hans Morgenthau’s book “Politics among Nations”. I agree with his point of view, because it has proven in latter day.

Many politicians want to be the next Indonesian president in 2004 because if they obtain the power to govern Indonesian people, they could dominate the investment that brought by foreign investors. We know that Soeharto is the actor behind the agreement between Indonesia and Freeport. So, Freeport gets more than 90 percents from the benefits of gold mining in Papua. From 10% left only 1% goes to local governmnet  while the rest goes to Jakarta.

Politics indicated that the winner takes all while the loser gets nothing or what we called by zero-sum game. From South America until Middle East, we observe the proves that politicians use all instruments to obtain or to maintain the power, to be a leader. If we watch the Middle East news on television, we know that Bashar Assad, the Syrian president, does not want to lose his position as the president, although he has become head of Syrian for 40 years. Assad kills the citizens who try to take over his supremacy. In addition, Soeharto had controlled Indonesia for 32 years. During his regime, he made journalist in Indonesia could not write and speak freely. At that time many journalists disappear mysteriously and he closed down Tempo. Those politicians are the example why someone could use every means to maintain their power. Machiavelli in “The Prince” states that every king must act like a lion when he rules his people, but act like a fox when he faces his enemy.

In conclusion, let me reiterate that all politics a struggle for power and a zero-sum game.

Disclaimer: Essay ini hanyalah contoh. Saya sengaja memaparkan data yang lama untuk memperkuat argumen saya dalam essay ini.

Dalam sample essay diatas, saya menulis sebuah essay dengan topik politik.

Teman-teman mungkin telah menyadari kalau dalam tulisan ini saya memakai kerangka seperti ini:

▪All Politics A Struggle for Power?

▪1st Paragraph: Agree

▪2nd Paragraph: general elections

▪3rd Paragraph: presidents maintained their power

▪4th Paragraph: reiterate your main ideas

Some interesting vocabulary that I used in this essay:

StruggleTo try extremely hard to achieve something, even though it is very difficult1. Struggle against
2. Struggle with
3. Defensive struggle
SupremacyThe position in which you are more powerful or advanced than anyone else1. Gain supremacy
2. Hold supremacy
3. Military supremacy
Zero-sum gameA situation in which one person or group can win something only by causing another person or group to lose it1. In the zero-sum game of American politics.
2. Lawyers tend to play in a zero-sum game.
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